Acrylic Certificate Display Frame



Undo just the top screws at the ceremony, slip in the certificate, re-insert the top screws.  Very easy and quick .. do it at the ceremony and display the Certificate for your clients and their guests.

The certificate is sandwiched between one piece of 3mm acrylic and one piece of 5mm acrylic held together by bright metal screw studs.

Two long backed studs are provided for the bottom of the frame and can be placed for PORTRAIT (vertical) or LANDSCAPE (horizontal) display.

The front facing 5mm acrylic has beveled edges. The acrylic is 20 mm larger all around than an A4 certificate so your certificate appears to float.

Unlike glass you would have to bend the acrylic with much force to break it. 

Also available with WALL MOUNT FITTINGS for your use for your own qualifications at your office (simply order this and mention in notes at check out that you want this with wall mount fittings… or email us:


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