Black Handover Folder


Slide the certificate under the frame. Put extra certificates and paperwork in the pocket. The pockets now encompass top, side and bottom so the certificate and paperwork can’t fall out. Hand assembled by us in our Leichhardt premises.

Polypropylene .. means archival safe. Totally clear. Adds a lustre and protects the certificate. Remove protective film from each side before use.


Designed by Celebrants Warehouse, formed on our in-house machinery and hand finished at our premises in Leichhardt.

These beautiful Certificate Folders are an elegant way to present your happy couple with their marriage certificate and any other paperwork you wish to provide.

Choose no text or “Marriage” or “Ceremony” stamped in golden cursive across the front. We offer two placements for the foil- either on the short side for portrait certificates or on the long side for landscape certificates.

Slide your certificate under the internal frame … or choose to have an internal pocket or any combination of the two… NEW.. POCKETS NOW ENCASE THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE FOLDER

Plastic sleeves sized for the folders are  and optional extra to keep the folder clean.


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