Jarrah Pen with Gold Clip



Made from Australian Jarrah, a beautiful hardwood growing in the south west of Western Australia.

The diameter of the Jarrah Gold Clip Pens is 10mm  (versus 8mm for the Jarrah Black Clip Pen)

We can engrave these pens for your couple or ceremony.

This pen comes with MEDIUM ballpoint BLACK ink cartridge (Parker brand or compatible).  If you would like BLUE ink or a BROAD or FINE ballpoint tip please purchase the appropriate refill in addition.  Unfortunately we can’t swap the refills for you before shipment.. you will need to purchase the refill you desire in addition to the pen with the MEDIUM tip BLACK ink cartridge.

If you would like to purchase more than one additional refill cartridge we have the refill cartridges listed as a separate product at the end of our pen category.

See the available fonts from the list in the image for having this beautiful set engraved.. on the pen and on the box.

To buy pens with different engraving simply select the pen, type the text to be engraved on the pen, select the font and add to cart.  Then repeat for the second pen.  Repeat again for additional pens.

PEN CASES: Pen Cases are not included with the pens.  To purchase a Pen Case please see either of the pages below: