Mixed Colour Pack Handover Folders




FOLLOWING CELEBRANT SUGGESTION:  This order option allows you to have a mixture of colours and take advantage of the quantity discount.  Simply order here and tell us the quantity of each colour and any other specs you want on the Checkout page near the bottom under “

These beautiful Certificate Folders are an elegant way to present your happy couple with their marriage certificate and any other paperwork you wish to provide. These folders come pre-foiled with “Marriage” stamped in golden cursive across the front. We offer two placements for the foil- either on the short side for portrait certificates or on the long side for landscape certificates.

Our folders come with a clean frame inside for the certificate but are also available with an interior pocket or any combination of the two. Plastic sleeves may also be added at 25c each.

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1-24 at $5.90 each, 25-49 at $5.10 each, 50-74 at $4.90 each, 75-99 at $4.60 each, 100-149 at $4.50 each, 150-199 at $4.40 each, 200+ at $4.30 each


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