White Leatherette – Luxury A4 Signing Folder

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Made from firm board covered with cushion padding and leatherette.  Corner tabs inside hold certificates firmly in place for signing and display with no danger of being dislodged at outdoor wedding on a breezy day.  Can be folded backward to display certificate upright on a table.  Firmly holds A4 certificates.  Price does NOT include GST. Tax is calculated at checkout and an invoice is provided with the order as well as with delivery.

CHOOSE One Certificate Inside or Two Certificates Inside (extra $4).

CHOOSE a plain front cover or have the front cover foil stamped with “Marriage” in portrait and landscape or “Ceremony” in portrait in gold script (extra $4), either along the short edge as shown in our pictures for vertical certificates, or along the long edge inviting the folder to be opened like a flip folder for horizontal certificates.

7 reviews for White Leatherette – Luxury A4 Signing Folder

  1. Lilly

    Great ceremony folder – exactly what we were looking for! And prompt delivery!

  2. Rebecca Cawood

    Affordable & purposeful for what you need, before you can afford to pay for personalised ones I feel or just stick with these for a fraction of the cost. Warning white, get dirty very easy from makeup hands, tan etc dust on tables.

  3. Sharron Gill

  4. Sophie Cooper

  5. Robyn Miller-Walton

  6. Jennifer Kennedy

    Looks lovely and professional. Very happy with my purchase.

  7. Katrina

    Looks so good ! I was very excited to use this the first time, love it !

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