Medium Paper Embossing Machine



Embossing raises the design up via the paper being squeezed between the male and female dies. Position your stationary in the jaw, press the lever and you will emboss your personal artwork.  This machine is suitable for paper 80 to 200gsm.

The die is mounted in a spring-clip for easy clip-out, clip-in changing allowing for use with multiple embossing designs or orientations.

For most artworks a Delrin die (engineering grade of plastic) is totally adequate.  If your artwork includes fine detail a Metal die (with Bakelite counterpart) may be preferred.

Can accommodate a round die up to 48 mm diameter. Suitable for use with 50mm diameter adhesive backed foil seals/wafers with your design within a 43 mm diameter circle.

Maximum reach of this machine (from edge of paper to centre of your embossed artwork) is 55 mm

Machine’s Dimensions: Length 155 mm.  Height when closed: 125 mm.  Height when open: 170 mm


  •      $575+GST with Delrin (plastic) Die (freight free)
  •      $775+GST with Metal Die (freight free)

Additional dies: Delrin: $325 + GST. Metal: $525+GST (less $100 if ordered with a machine with the same emboss design).

We can create artwork with text, circles and shapes without charge.  For complex art we charge $25 per quarter hours for graphics work.  Email a description of what you want embossed and we will quote.

TO ORDER:  Order on this page, email your artwork as a PDF or email your outline of what you want to    Order additional dies separately.  Phone 029948 6648 for assistance.

Additional information

Metal or Delrin (plastic) Die

Delrin (engineering plastic) Die – suitable for most artworks, Brass Die with Bakelite counterpart -for intricate artworks only (+$200)

Self Inking Rubber Stamp

No thanks, Self Inking Rubber Stamp with same artwork – Black Ink (+$135), Self Inking Rubber Stamp with same artwork – Blue Ink (+$135), Self Inking Rubber Stamp with same artwork – Green Ink (+$135), Self Inking Rubber Stamp with same artwork – Purple Ink (+$135)

Adhesive Seals

No thanks, Adhesive Seals 50mm – Metallic Gold – pack of 20 (additional $12), Adhesive Seals 50mm – Metallic Silver – pack of 20 (additional $12), Adhesive Seals 50mm – Metallic Red – pack of 20 (additional $12), Adhesive Seals 50mm – Dull Red – pack of 20 (additional $12)


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